About Us

About Us


We are a young and vibrant brand focusing on high specification spices of exceptional quality… Originating from the United Kingdom, our parent company East End Foods plc, has over 45 years of experience in the spice business, and came to India to create Agripure Natural Foods Pvt Limited.
We work closely with our farmers, to give you the ‘pick of the crop’. Selecting only the best whole spices, we then process them in house at our ‘state-of-the-art’ Spice Plant. We clean them through a European manufactured 7 stage cleaning and milling system, to produce spices which are without doubt amongst the finest in the World.

With Taste ‘n’ Flavor, you can be sure of experiencing spices which have the highest levels of purity, flavour and aroma, that you’ll find anywhere…

Bon Appetite!

Our Philosophy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Chinese Philosopher, Confucius once said “Everyone eats and drinks, but few appreciate taste.”

But what if there was someone who could make your entire eating process delicious?

Give you the chance to savor your meals bite by bite? Without comprising on the quality?

That’s what Taste ‘n’ Flavor offers you!

Established in 2018, Taste ‘n’ Flavor is a vibrant food manufacturing brand that specializes in producing a variety of high specification spices, seasonings and herbs at the highest quality possible!

Our Goal

While spices, herbs and seasonings play a major role in the way they flavor your meals, their ability to accentuate your health isn’t any less significant. In fact, from having anti- inflammatory properties, to protecting you from bacteria, to regulating your blood cycle, the benefits of eating spices on a daily basis are innumerable!

Although there are many, who endorse the merits of eating spices everyday, there are very few who emphasize on the role good quality spices play in giving you those countless health benefits.

Because, good quality and good taste are like the two sides of the same coin. They are inextricably linked to give you the best of health.

At Taste ‘n’ Flavor, that is exactly what we aim to do:

To give you the finest quality of spices and the finest experience in taste.

To give you that authentic ‘Farm to Fork’ experience with every meal you consume.

Thus, produced in their purest form, the spices provided by Taste ‘n’ Flavor have no artificial preservatives and no artificial colors, just a rich-savory taste.

How We Work

To bring you that premium quality in taste, not only do we follow a 4 step manufacturing process through our ‘state-of-the-art’ facilities, but we also believe in training our farmers from the grass root level up, to meet the demanding standards of the World’s Food Industry.

These steps include:

Step 1 – Farming

We start out by sourcing farmers or audited suppliers whose practices adhere to our quality norms. After this, the company provides them with a complete training system which incudes:

Taking them through all the stages of growth; from nurturing to harvesting, to meet the strict European and USDA Food Safety Standards.

Teaching them sustainable farming techniques that require the minimum use of harmful pesticides. This keeps the produce’s Minimum Residue Levels (MRL) below the strictest limits allowed by the International Food Safety Law.

Re-introducing simple methods of ‘individual’ and ‘community’ composting which forms the very basis of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).

Step 2 – Processing

Once we’ve acquired a good amount of produce, the raw material goes through a test of Quality Control. Selecting only the best whole spices from around the world, we then process them through a custom designed & manufactured spice cleaning plant. This European manufactured and  imported unit, follows a 7 stage cleaning and milling process which extracts and removes any impurities that may be present after harvesting from the field.

As the crux of our company lies in quality, through this complex cleaning process we eliminate any risk of adulteration.


Step 3 – Testing

Apart from processing the spices, we also incorporate a thorough testing system that occurs at various stages of production. This includes: before, during and after the manufacturing process. These tests are performed by experienced members of the Quality Assurance Department within our built-in laboratory and verify the outcome through third party laboratories, for optimum results.


Step 4 – Packaging

The final step in our manufacturing process, is how we present our products. This includes the use of high durable materials to ensure the quality, nutrients and aroma of the herbs and spices always remain intact.

Our packaging formats range from:

Stand- Up DOY Pouches

Kraft Multi-Walled Bags

1 MT Super Sacks

Poly- Lined Blue Bags

PET Jars

Therefore, with a wealth of experience, the best infrastructure, devoted members, talented NPD Capabilities, outstanding customer service and a strong focus on food safety, Taste ‘n’ Flavor strives to maintain consistency in the premium quality it provides to you.


Founded in the UK, East End Food PLC is our parent company that has over 45 years of experience in the spice business. Taste ‘n’ Flavor came to India as a branch of East End Food PLC to spread the aroma of delicious food and good quality spices globally.


Our operations extent over 2 production facilities located in Pune, Maharashtra, comprising of over 180,000 sq. ft. of production space and employing over 260 people. Besides this, the company’s growing contract-farmers include more than 2500, supplying just chilli alone. With a rock solid Management Team and an unflinching desire to produce the foremost quality of spices has propelled our company to create one of the most advanced Spice Processing and Manufacturing Plants in India today.

"Are You Ready to get
Spiced Up ?"

" Try our version of the Portuguese Classic Peri Peri Seasoning...
You'll Loe it. "

Pillars of Taste-n-Flavor

Meet Our Senior Management Team !


Dr. Tony Deep Wouhra MBE

He is the Chairman of East End Foods PLC – a high quality Indian Food Manufacturer in Birmingham UK – our parent company. After heading it for over 45 years, he came to India to create Agripure Natural Foods. He is the visionary behind Taste 'n' Flavor. It is through his passion for World Food Security and Food Safety, that he could achieve this level of quality for our products.


Vikas Dangat

He is Agripure's Managing Director - a talented innovator who specializes in working with our farmers to train them in methods of sustainable agriculture, and ensures they are paid a fair price for their crops.


Shekhar Kale

He is a highly skilled and experienced food expert. As Quality Control & Technical Director, he has many years of experience in the Indian Food Industry. Shekhar oversees the testing of our produce during the various stages of production.

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Paul Deep Wouhra

He is the Commercial Director of the company, moving to India from the UK he was also Commercial Director at East End Foods PLC in the UK, and has over 28 years of experience in the spice business.

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